Have you not Notice it?

This days we are so busy doing our own things in life. Work, family, relationship, social life, business, texting, tweeting, chatting online, parenting, exercising, making ourselves beautiful, worrying and sometimes even busy doing nothing.  Yes, we all are. I for one is guilty of it. Sometimes, I didn’t notice that I am neglecting my spiritual life and being in contact with God. Too busy that, I even forgot to say a little prayer as I go to bed and as I wake up in the morning.  Not to mention forgetting to say grace or even a simple thank you. I am too busy pre-occupying myself with what’s life ahead of me and then I worry.

I don’t even notice how beautiful it is the world we live in, well inspite of what happening this day and age. Am busy not to notice the cold soft breeze of the wind in the air, for without it we wont be able to breathe. Too busy, not to notice that even in the midst of all the trials and sufferings we each all have on our own lives, that there is still hope and silverlinings and in the end we will all get thru to it. To be busy trying to get on the top and achieving all the wealth of this world, we forget and notice where we all came from.

To busy to see all the latest trends and all the latest fashion and body makeovers, that we forgot to notice that true beauty comes within ourselves and not from the outside. With all the modern technologies and inventions coming out in our modern world, we all seem to forgot and notice that human manpower is already fading away and soon we will be all robots.

Yes, we all are living in modern world that we didnt notice we are neglecting the most important thing we have, inspite of all and how busy we are, we still are able to care, to help each other, to hope, to have faith, to hug people, to be nice, to there with each other, to pray and have faith whichever we believe in, to laugh and appreciate even the littlest things, and most of all to love. Have you not notice it?

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