A Father’s Love

Today, is my Papa’s birthday. I am dedicating this blog to his 70th birthday! My wish is that may he have more birthdays to come in good health and in good life. Papa, has been a wonderful father to us his three daughters. As the eldest among three siblings, I’ve seen the hard work he has done for us all in the family to give us a descent upbringing and status in life and of what we have become now. He sacrifice himself to be away from us just to work and earn a living as a Seaman. He had work so hard all his life for us. Now you can see all the traces of that hardship on his face and on his body as he grows old. For that, I am proud and thank him so much for all the hardship, sacrifice and all the love, he gave to us all three children. I know words are not enough to convey my gratitude to him, and I wish I could do more, give more and return the gratitude to his hard work. Above all, to say thank you to his everlasting love as our father. I may not have the richest of this world, or the luxury of life but at least I have my Father love in my heart. We love you Papa and thank you!

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