Back At Work

Its my first day back at work after 3weeks that I have been off sick because of Bronchitis. Somehow, I feel glad to be back and  making myself being pro-active and  I did. The day went quickly and I managed to get the hang of it all back to normal again.

Not only that, I’m here writing another post. Since, I started this blog, I feel like I can express myself freely without people judging me of what I am going to write or say about things. I feel that I gained confidence in myself and in a way inspire me to achieve more in life.


One thought on “Back At Work

  1. therink2k16 says:

    Hey Christine!

    Glad you are well now!

    Long time ago, it was a shame to wear jeans with a hole and today it is fashion!! Confidence to walk with torn jeans, not only avoided looks of pity but also gained looks of appreciation! No one can judge you when you confidently express your opinion! Good luck to achieve most and more! Waiting to read your posts this year!


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