Women at my Age (45)

Yes, I am 45 years old turning 46 this year. Since last year, I have been experiencing different changes in my mood, body and way of thinking. Some say it’s just normal at my age but for me it’s not. I started having hot flushes, night sweat, being irritable and moody sometimes, well sometimes grumpy and worst I don’t feel sexy anymore. Not that I am because I’m a petite woman who stands 4″7 in height. I started gaining weight, and I don’t know how to lose it and get back to my normal size 10 again. To be honest, I think and am sure it’s or I am on my early menopausal stage, but my colleagues and friends dont believe it even my GP Doctor, they say I’m too young for that really! Please give me a break! if this is it ( menopause) so be it, as there is no other way of dealing with it but accepting it and getting through it. I just want to deal with it with ease rather than in anxious way and not being happy in my life. Just wish that i know more about it and prepared for it. But hey! There is life after menopause yah! I hope. Please if you read this leave a comment and I’ll be happy to read it. Thanks.


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